Competitive Attacks in Six Sigma Industry

Competitive Attacks in Six Sigma Industry

It is inevitable. Too much success often breeds criticism and even attacks from competitors. This is exactly what has happened at SSGI. A few of our competitors have unleashed malicious attacks directed at our company. And these attacks have followed several very successful years in which our programs have gained widespread acceptance and praise from professionals, organizations and universities across the world.

While there is no basis for these attacks, what is clear is that the objective of these offenders is to create doubt in those who are interested in SSGI’s offerings and divert them from SSGI’s site to their own site.

Here is the revealing part, these attacks are not just directed at us, but also at almost all of our major competitors in the online Lean Six Sigma space. In a very systematic fashion, the intention of these offenders is to narrow the choice for training to their own sites.

We have no intention of naming these offenders, because that is not how we prefer to compete. Unfortunately for them, they only succeed at damaging their own reputation, and raising concern about their own credibility. Do not, however, take our word for it. We strongly recommend that you do your own research on SSGI. We are confident that if you go to Google and compare SSGI to the offending organizations, the differences will speak for themselves.

competitive attacksFurthermore, SSGI’s trusted third-party reviews, advisory board and founding roots, highlight the quality of our organization. With over 30 years’ experience as a professor at the University of New Hampshire, Dr. Barry Shore has headed up programs in the area of business ethics, sat on the board of directors, and became a McGraw Hill award winning author. Can they say the same?