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Six Sigma Global Institute (SSGI) offers online Lean Six Sigma certification & training programs for those looking to advance their career. SSGI is an accredited PMI® Global R.E.P. and a SHRM® approved re-certification provider. Our six sigma certifications are recognized by leading organizations around the world such as Walmart, WeWork, Deloitte and Iowa State University. In addition to online lean six sigma training programs, SSGI also offers a variety of other professional development certifications. Our online programs and exams have been developed by acclaimed practitioners such as our founder, Dr. Barry Shore from the University of New Hampshire. Lean Six Sigma certification from SSGI is a valuable asset that will help you get hired, promoted and increase your salary.


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Lean Six Sigma Certification Belts

Yellow Belt

Yellow Belt Certification

Beginner level: Introduction to process improvement and Lean Six Sigma.


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Green Belt

Green Belt Certification

Intermediate Level: For those looking to implement Lean Six Sigma concepts and tools.


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Black Belt

Advanced Level: For managers who are responsible for continuous improvement.


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Master Black Belt

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Master Level: For subject matter experts looking to master Lean Six Sigma.


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What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a discipline that delivers customer value through efficient operations and consistent quality standards. It’s a methodology that focuses on improving performance by systematically removing waste and reducing variation. Simply put, Lean Six Sigma is a set of tools that can help an organization improve customer satisfaction, quality, products, services and their bottom line.


In order to better understand Lean Six Sigma, it is important to separate “Lean” from “Six Sigma”. Lean focuses on efficiency and eliminating waste. Six Sigma on the other hand, focuses on quality and consistency. When used together, these problem solving skills can transform an organization.


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Lean Six Sigma by Job Function

Lean Six Sigma Jobs


Who benefits from Lean Six Sigma? Well, Lean Six Sigma concepts and tools can be applied to any process or job function that requires problems to be solved. From Customer Service to Operations, Lean Six Sigma knowledge can play a vital role in delivering quality services/products.


Here are a few examples of job roles that benefit: HR & IT, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, Accounting, Manufacturing, Operations and Quality Assurance.

Lean Six Sigma by Industry

Lean Six Sigma Industry


Lean Six Sigma concepts and tools can be applied to almost any industry around the world. From Healthcare to Manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma methodologies are valued by Fortune 500 companies across every industry.


The following industries employ professionals who have Lean Six Sigma Certification: Logistics, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Government, Finance, Education, Social Services and many more.

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