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Course Overview

The SSGI Leading a Remote Workforce training program developed by Professor Barry Shore PhD, covers a broad range of topics beginning with a contrast between traditional management and leadership. It emphasizes the role of leadership in this new and complex environment. The course then turns to those issues that need emphasis. They include ways to enhance engagement, ensure high productivity levels, establish appropriate monitoring levels, maintain workforce motivation, build high-perforce teams, and develop effective continuous improvement programs. Because it is not enough to learn these new skills, the last chapter focuses on a step-by-step plan to help leaders put into practice what they have learned in the course.

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Program Details

Price: $125
Includes: Training & Certificate of Completion
Format: 100% Online, Self-Paced & No Expiration
Completion Time: 7.5 Hours
Instructor: Dr. Barry Shore PhD, UNH
Prerequisites: None

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The Impact of Remote Workforce Leadership

No Going Back
There is “no going back,” declares an article in the Harvard Business Review. Indeed, the transition that started with the Covid-19 epidemic has significantly impacted how we work. Today, many workers who once worked in a brick-and-mortar environment now work from home.

The Transition

This transition can be attributed to two factors. First is the maturity of video conferencing technology. It provides a reliable, flexible, and secure connection, regardless of where participants are located. Second is the growing preference among many in the workplace for a better work-life balance. Indeed, several surveys have underscored this last point, finding that 30 to 70 percent of respondents prefer either a work-from-home or a hybrid option.

Organizational Challenge

While the workforce has welcomed this change, it has created challenges for the organization and its leaders. Without the opportunity to work face-to-face, the social process that underpins the concept of leadership is upended. As a result, many questions about the best way to manage this remote workforce have been raised. Such questions as how to set performance standards, how to monitor them, and how the organization can hold onto its culture.

But it has not only created challenges, it has also created opportunities. No longer is the search for qualified job candidates limited to a geographic area within commuting distance of the office. Today, that search knows no boundaries. A company in Atlanta can hire a qualified candidate in Denver. And that person does not have to move.

Leadership Challenges
But there remain many leadership challenges. The management and leadership approaches we relied upon for decades were facilitated by face- to-face interaction. Now, we need to revisit them. We need to explore how a community can be built when leaders and their followers no longer share physical facilities, we need to explore how effective work practices can be assured, and we need to explore how productivity can be maintained. Then we also need to explore how employees can be motivated in an environment that risks isolation and limited social engagement. And we need to revisit how the organization’s culture can be preserved across physical distances.

Helping Leaders Exceed Expectations

This course explores these issues. It helps managers and leaders create an environment that not only maintains some of the essential features of the traditional workplace but explores ways in which the transformation we are experiencing can be used to our best advantage and actually improve the overall performance of workgroups and the organization.

Who Should Enroll?

  • Team Leads
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Those in Charge of Leading Remote Teams

What Will You Learn?



Making Remote Leadership Work
Management and Leadership
✓ Managing Productivity
 Monitoring Performance
Workforce Support
✓ Team Norms and Expectations
Continuous Improvement
Practicing New Skills

Course Outline:
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How Long Will it Take?

The average time to complete the course is about 7 ½ hours. This includes reading the material, answering the end-of-chapter questions, and the exam at the end of the course. A certificate of completion will automatically be printed after achieving a score of 75 or higher on the exam.

Online & Self-Paced

The course is entirely online and self-paced. All content, including quizzes and the exam, is available from your terminal 24/7. This means that you can move through the course at your own pace. Access is one year from the date of purchase.


SSGI is a highly regarded training company certified by PMI and SHRM for earning credit towards recertification. SSGI is holds accretion from CPD and BBB.

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