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Why Train Your Team in Lean Six Sigma?

Partner With SSGI and build the foundation for Operational Excellence throughout your organization.

lean six sigma corporate trainingBridge Skill Gaps

From managers to project teams, our training ensures your team is up-to-date on the most critical process optimization skills. Accelerate learning curves and empower your employees for everyday success.

lean six sigma corporate trainingEmphasize Continuous Improvement

Through our lean six sigma corporate solutions, you can start to build a culture within your organization focused on process excellence.

lean six sigma training for teamsDevelop Talent From Within

Save money by retaining employees and promoting from within. It’s statistically proven, the more career advancement opportunities, the more likely employees will be satisfied with their job.

Build Better Leaders

Empowering your team with Lean Six Sigma and process improvement training isn’t just an investment; it’s a catalyst for transformation within your organization. Here are the game-changing results your company can expect:

By investing in Lean Six Sigma and process improvement training, you’re not just investing in skills; you’re investing in a dynamic shift that propels your organization towards operational excellence and sustained success.


Benefits You Can Expect From Lean Six Sigma

Operational Efficiency Amplified

Witness a surge in operational efficiency as your team harnesses Lean Six Sigma methodologies to streamline processes, eliminate bottlenecks, and optimize workflows. Experience quicker turnarounds, reduced lead times, and enhanced resource utilization.

Cost Reductions and Resource Optimization

Say hello to significant cost savings! With a focus on waste reduction and resource optimization, your organization will notice a palpable decrease in unnecessary expenditures, ultimately bolstering your bottom line.

Enhanced Product and Service Quality

Elevate your offerings to new heights! Through rigorous process improvement initiatives, witness a marked improvement in product quality, service delivery, and customer satisfaction, positioning your brand as a market leader.

Culture of Innovation and Continuous Improvement

Foster a culture where innovation thrives! Empower your teams to embrace a mindset of continuous improvement, encouraging them to ideate, innovate, and implement new strategies, ensuring your company stays ahead in an ever-evolving landscape.

Quantifiable Results and Tangible Growth

Experience quantifiable outcomes! Measure success through data-driven insights, witnessing tangible growth in metrics such as productivity, efficiency ratios, error reduction, and heightened employee engagement.

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Six Sigma Certification Accredited


All of our training programs at SSGI have been developed by Prof. Barry Shore PhD.


Dr. Shore has been an industry acclaimed educator, award winning author and consultant in the areas of Lean Six Sigma and operational excellence for many years. He has taught at academic institutions such as the University of New Hampshire, Henley Business School (London), Renmin University (China) and University of Naples Federico II (Italy). In addition, he has consulted with leading organizations such as Samsung, Hyundai, Coca-Cola and Air Canada.


SSGI is a partner of the Baldrige Foundation, widely-known for their annual Baldrige Excellence award that is presented by the President of the United States.


ssgi six sigma corporate training

Dr. Shore is an award winning McGraw Hill author for his book in Operations Management & a leading authority in Six Sigma education

SSGI Lean Six Sigma Training for businesess


Complete training in a time frame that’s convenient for your team members and organization.


Give your team members access to their own learning account where they can log in 24/7 via a computer or mobile device. Programs are 100% online and self-paced. SSGI training can easily be scaled for organizations looking to train 1,000+ employees.


Get set up in a matter of minutes with our streamlined group enrollment process.


Progress reporting available! Track and measure employee progress through reporting that allows you to evaluate your employees’ engagement and training results. Reports are generated upon request.


SSGI teaches your employees skills that can be applied on the job right away.


Get access to real-world case studies that explain how specific skills can be implemented in the workforce. Also get access to downloadable excel templates that allow you to apply what you learned to your own organization, and start improving processes today!


Don’t just learn skills, learn how to apply them to your day-to-day job.

SSGI Corporate Training Offerings

Lean Six Sigma Corporate Training Overview

Lean Six Sigma courses are designed to equip professionals at every level of your organization with the skills and methodologies essential for process improvement and operational excellence. Tailored to varying levels of expertise and responsibilities, our courses align with different roles within the corporate hierarchy:


ssgi yellow belt six sigma

Beginner 1.) Yellow Belt: Foundation for Operational Excellence

– Designed for all team members who are new to process improvement initiatives.
– Provides foundational knowledge in Lean Six Sigma principles and basic tools.
– Ideal for professionals keen on learning process improvement fundamentals.



SSGI green belt six sigma certification

Intermediate 2.) Green Belt: Leading Improvement Initiatives

– Geared towards those working within small/medium-scale improvement projects.
– Delivers comprehensive training in Lean Six Sigma methodologies and tools.
– Equips participants with skills to drive improvements within their departments.



ssgi black belt six sigma course

Advanced 3.) Black Belt: Strategic Improvement Leadership

– Designed for experienced professionals responsible for leading projects.
– Offers advanced in-depth training in statistical analysis and project management.
– Manage and lead process improvements initiatives and optimize operations.



SSGI master black belt six sigma certification

Master 4.) Master Black Belt: Transformative Change Agents

– Aimed at top-tier professionals or senior leaders shaping organizational strategies.
– Provides advanced training in strategic planning, management, and coaching.
– Empowers individuals to lead transformative change across the organization.



At each level, our courses not only impart technical expertise but also emphasize leadership, collaboration, and practical application, enabling participants to drive efficiency, quality, and innovation within their respective spheres of influence.

Operational Excellence Corporate Training Overview

Operational Excellence courses are strategically designed to empower professionals across various organizational levels with the skills and strategies necessary for driving efficiency and continual improvement. Aligned with specific roles and responsibilities, our courses cater to diverse expertise levels:


ssgi Process Improvement Specialist certificationProcess Improvement Specialist: Enhancing Operational Processes

– Tailored for mid-level professionals involved in operational processes.
– Focuses on foundational process improvement methodologies, tools, and tactics.
– Prepares participants to enhance and innovate departmental processes.




Continuous Improvement Manager certification

Continuous Improvement Manager: Orchestrating Operational Excellence

– For managers, supervisors, or professionals overseeing improvement initiatives.
– Provides training in leadership, change management, and strategic planning.
– Enables individuals to oversee broad operational improvement initiatives.



At each level, our courses combine theoretical frameworks with practical application, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Participants not only gain specialized knowledge but also acquire leadership and problem-solving skills essential for promoting operational efficiency and sustainable growth within the organization.

Agile and Project Leadership Corporate Training Overview

Agile and Project Management courses cater to professionals at varying levels, offering specialized training to meet the evolving demands of modern project management. These courses align with specific roles and responsibilities across the organizational hierarchy:


AGILE ONLINE TRAINING & CERTIFICATIONAgile Professional: Foundation in Agile Methodologies

– Targeted at core team members new to Agile practices.
– Introduces fundamental Agile principles, methodologies, and frameworks.
– Equips participants with the basics needed to contribute effectively to Agile projects.



agile leader course ssgiAgile Leader: Navigating Agile Projects

– Geared towards managers, supervisors, or professionals leading Agile teams.
– Focuses on advanced Agile methodologies, leadership, and team management.
– Enables participants to effectively lead Agile teams and navigate complex projects.




SSGI Project Management CourseProject Management: Comprehensive Project Oversight

– Designed for mid-level professionals overseeing projects across various domains.
– Covers project management methodologies, tools, and best practices.
– Equips participants to efficiently plan, execute, and deliver projects within scope, budget, and schedule.



SSGI scrum master certificationScrum Master: Facilitating Agile Practices

– Tailored for individuals facilitating Agile processes and serving as Scrum Masters.
– Provides training in Scrum framework, team facilitation, and Agile implementation.
– Prepares leaders to guide teams through Agile projects, adhering to Scrum principles.



Product Owner Certification and Training OnlineProduct Owner: Maximizing Product Value

– Aimed at professionals responsible for product ownership and maximizing value.
– Focuses on product vision, backlog management, and stakeholder collaboration.
– Equips learners with skills to define product features and maximize value delivery.




These courses empower professionals at different levels to embrace Agile methodologies, project management best practices, and effective leadership, fostering a culture of adaptability, collaboration, and value-driven project execution within the organization.

Lean Six Sigma Healthcare Corporate Training Overview

Lean Six Sigma Healthcare courses are meticulously designed to enhance the efficiency and quality of healthcare services. These courses are tailored to different roles within the healthcare hierarchy, equipping professionals with skills specific to their responsibilities:


Healthcare Yellow Belt CertificationHealthcare Yellow Belt: Introduction to Process Improvement in Healthcare

– For healthcare professionals entering process improvement initiatives.
– Introduces fundamental Lean Six Sigma principles within a healthcare context.
– Enables participants to contribute effectively to process improvements.




SSGI healthcare green belt six sigma certificationHealthcare Green Belt: Advanced Process Improvement in Healthcare

– For mid-level professionals leading or involved in improvement projects.
– Provides in-depth training in Lean Six Sigma applied to healthcare scenarios.
– Equips participants to lead and execute process improvement projects.




Lean Healthcare CertificationLean Healthcare: Streamlining Operations for Efficiency

– Designed for managers or leaders responsible for operational efficiency.
– Focuses on Lean methodologies for waste reduction and value enhancement.
– Prepares learners to identify and implement Lean practices to optimize processes.




Project Management Healthcare: Comprehensive Project Oversight

– Tailored for healthcare professionals overseeing healthcare projects.
– Covers project management methodologies specifically adapted to healthcare.
– Equips participants with skills to efficiently plan, execute, and manage projects.




These courses empower healthcare professionals at various levels to apply Lean Six Sigma principles, project management methodologies, and specialized healthcare-focused techniques to drive continuous improvement, enhance patient care, and optimize operational efficiencies within healthcare organizations.

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