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SSGI Certification offered through organizations such as the Baldrige Foundation, Air Canada, Murray State, Miami Date College, IRS & U.S. Army

Baldrige Foundation

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Barry Shore ssgi

Dr. Shore has consulted for companies such as GE, Doosan, Hyundai and Air Canada. He has been a guest lecturer at some of the world’s leading business schools in England, Italy, South Korea and China.


Developed By Prof. Barry Shore PhD. | Award Winning McGraw Hill Author| Over 40 Years’ Experience 

Dr. Barry Shore is an outspoken advocate on the role of Lean Six Sigma as metaphors for driving company performance to not only develop the right products and services but for creating efficient and competitive organizations capable of excelling in world markets.


His recent course material, prepared specifically for SSGI, has been acclaimed for its ability to present complex material in a very straight–forward and easy-to-understand style.  When asked about this work he says, “One of my greatest pleasures is to help professionals move their careers to the next level and gain the skills that industry needs to compete on a global scale.”


Dr. Shore has written extensively in these areas, including over 100 peer reviewed papers published in leading scholarly journals, four books published by McGraw Hill Book Company and Holt, Rinehart and Winston, and hundreds of articles in trade publications.  McGraw Hill honored him as a prize winning author for his book on Operations Management.

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How the LSS Corporate Trainer Certification Program Works

Lean Six Sigma Corporate Trainer Certification SSGI

Lean Six Sigma Corporate Trainer (LSS Corporate Trainer) Program Overview

The Lean Six Sigma Corporate Trainer (LSSP Corp. Trainer) Career Track, developed Prof. Barry Shore PhD, will help you elevate your career as a Corporate Trainer with a specialization in Lean Six Sigma. This comprehensive training combines the art of effective training methodologies with the science of Lean Six Sigma principles, equipping you with a powerful skill set to drive organizational success.


Key Benefits:


  1. Holistic Training Expertise: Become a well-rounded training professional by mastering the art of instructional design, facilitation techniques, and adult learning principles while integrating the precision of Lean Six Sigma methodologies.
  2. Strategic Business Impact: Stand out as a trainer capable of not only imparting knowledge but also implementing process improvement strategies. Bridge the gap between training initiatives and tangible business outcomes through the lens of Lean Six Sigma.
  3. Enhanced Organizational Value: With this dual expertise, you become an invaluable asset to organizations. Your ability to train teams while optimizing processes empowers companies to achieve operational efficiencies and sustainable growth.
  4. Competitive Edge: Gain a competitive edge in the training landscape. Your certification showcases a unique blend of training acumen and process improvement skills, setting you apart as a sought-after professional in the industry.

The program consists of the following 3 core certification courses:


1.) Corporate Trainer | Earn (21 PDUs, 21 PDCs)

2.) Lean Six Sigma Green Belt | Earn (60 PDUs, 45 PDCs)

3.) Lean Practitioner | Earn (45 PDUs, 45 PDCs)


After completing all 3 courses and passing the respected certification exams, you will earn the exclusive Lean Six Sigma Corporate Trainer certification, which is the final step in validating your ability.


Upon completing the Lean Six Sigma Corporate Trainer certification, participants will be equipped with a comprehensive skill set merging training expertise with Lean Six Sigma methodologies. This certification empowers individuals to design and deliver training programs that integrate process improvement strategies, fostering a culture of continuous improvement within organizations while driving operational excellence.

Why earn the LSS Corporate Trainer Certification/Designation?

The Value Proposition:


  • Integrated Approach: Merge the art of effective training with data-driven methodologies, enabling you to design and deliver training programs aligned with organizational objectives while infusing Lean Six Sigma practices.
  • Business Transformation: Position yourself as a catalyst for organizational change. As a Lean Six Sigma Corporate Trainer, you drive a culture of continuous improvement, fostering innovation and efficiency across departments.
  • Certification Recognition: Earn the prestigious title of a Lean Six Sigma Corporate Trainer, solidifying your expertise and enhancing your credibility in the corporate training sphere.

Our certification doesn’t just validate your capabilities; it propels your career by offering a distinct advantage—combining the power of training excellence with the precision of Lean Six Sigma to make a lasting impact on organizational performance.

Who Should Enroll in this Program?

The Lean Six Sigma Corporate Trainer certification program is ideal for:


  1. Corporate Trainers: Professionals involved in designing, delivering, or managing training programs within organizations.
  2. Training Managers: Professionals overseeing training departments or responsible for training strategy implementation.
  3. Quality Assurance Professionals: Those involved in maintaining and enhancing product or service quality within organizations.
  4. Leadership and Development Specialists: Individuals involved in leadership development programs or organizational development initiatives.
  5. Aspiring Trainers & Professionals Seeking Career Advancement: Individuals looking to expand their skill set and advance their careers by integrating training expertise with process improvement methodologies.

Ultimately, this certification program caters to anyone aiming to blend training proficiency with Lean Six Sigma principles, driving both employee development and process optimization within their organizations.

How do I become a Lean Six Sigma Corporate Trainer (LSS Corporate Trainer)?

You will have to complete all the courses (3) outlined in the learning path. To ensure you get the certification, you should pass the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Lean Practitioner and Corporate Trainer certification exams. At that time you will earn your LSS Corporate Trainer certification and can start using your new designation!

Course Outline & Topics

Course 3.) Certified Corporate Trainer
Course Outline:
Full Course Syllabus Here
Skills Learned: 
Needs and Analysis Assessment, Designing Training Programs, Delivery Method, Training Evaluation, Managing Transitions, Resistance to Change, Conflict Resolution, Presentation Skills, Engagement and more.



Course 1.)Lean Practitioner
Course Outline:
Full Course Syllabus Here
Course Topics: Creating a Lean Culture, Lean Tools and Methodologies, Process Flow, Kanban, Eliminating Waste, Lean Leadership, Continuous Improvement, Lean Product Development, Charting and more.


Course 2.) Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Course Outline: Full Course Syllabus Here
Skills Learned: Builds off the Yellow Belt. DMAIC, Six Sigma, Value Stream Maps, SIPOC, X-Y Matrix, Multi-Vari Charts, Six Sigma Tools, Designing Six-Sigma Processes, Control Charts, Alpha and Beta Errors, Risk Mitigation, Hypothesis Testing, Regression Analysis, and more.

SSGI Lean Six Sigma Corporate Trainer
Upon completing all 3 Career Track Certification courses, you will be awarded the LSS Corporate Trainer Certification/Designation. You will also be able to share your certification and have employers verify it as shown below.

Supercharge Your Career with SSGI’s LSS Corporate Trainer Certification

Earn Your LSS Corporate Trainer Designation

Our Career Track program is fully comprehensive and this certificate is proof that you have developed professional level working knowledge in the subject areas of Lean Six Sigma and Corporate Training. Upon completing all 3 certification courses, you will be award with the title of LSS Corporate Trainer.

Differentiate Yourself With 3 In-Demand Certifications

In this Career Track program you will complete 3 separate certification courses: Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Lean Practitioner and Certified Corporate Trainer. With these 3 unique certifications as well as the knowledge and skills gained along the way, you will set yourself from the competition within the corporate training field.

Share Your Achievement Online

Instantly attach your certificate & new designation to LinkedIn while giving your resume a boost. Your credential will be hosted on its own unique URL where employers can verify your achievements and PDF copies can be dowloaded. You will also receive digital badges upon exam completion which can be attached to your email signature and more. Start promoting your talents today with SSGI Career Tracks!

SSGI Lean Six Sigma Corporate Trainer

Enhance Your Corporate Training Career with the LSS Corporate Trainer Program


Obtaining a certification as a Corporate Trainer specializing in Lean Six Sigma (LSS Corporate Trainer) offers several benefits that can help individuals differentiate themselves and seize more career opportunities:


  1. Specialized Expertise: Combining Corporate Training with Lean Six Sigma signifies a dual proficiency that bridges training methodologies with process improvement strategies. This multifaceted skill set showcases an ability to understand, design, and deliver training programs while integrating Lean Six Sigma principles for operational enhancements.
  2. Strategic Value Addition: Professionals with this designation bring a unique value proposition to organizations. They not only train employees but also contribute to process optimization. This integrated approach aligns training initiatives with organizational goals, ensuring that training efforts contribute directly to operational efficiency and bottom-line results.
  3. Differentiation in the Market: The blend of training and Lean Six Sigma expertise sets individuals apart in a competitive job market. Employers seek professionals who can drive both skill development and process enhancements, making candidates with this designation highly sought-after and providing a competitive edge during job applications.
  4. Leadership and Innovation: Lean Six Sigma Corporate Trainers are seen as change agents capable of fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation within organizations. Their ability to drive efficiency improvements while imparting knowledge positions them as catalysts for positive organizational change.
  5. Expanded Career Opportunities: With this specialized designation, individuals can explore diverse career avenues. They can pursue roles as training managers, consultants, process improvement specialists, or even advance to leadership positions where the ability to integrate training and Lean Six Sigma methodologies is highly valued.
  6. Credibility and Recognition: Acquiring a Lean Six Sigma Corporate Trainer certification from reputable institutions enhances professional credibility. It serves as tangible proof of skills, knowledge, and commitment to continuous improvement, earning recognition and respect within the industry.
  7. Future-Proof Skill Set: The blend of training and Lean Six Sigma expertise equips individuals with a versatile skill set that remains relevant across industries. This adaptability ensures career resilience and the ability to pivot in a dynamic job market.

In summary, the Lean Six Sigma Corporate Trainer designation empowers individuals to become versatile professionals capable of adding strategic value to organizations by aligning training initiatives with operational excellence. This distinction not only broadens career horizons but also positions individuals as influential leaders capable of driving transformative change within their organizations.

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Are SSGI Courses Accredited?

SSGI is accredited by the Better Business Bureau® (BBB) to maintain training standards, and by the CPD (Continuing Professional Development Accreditation), and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and the Project Management Institute (PMI-ATP) as an Authorized Training Partner. You can find more information here.

What if I've already taken one or moe of the courses in the career track, but still want the LSS Corporate Trainer certification?

If you have previously taken one of the selected Career Track courses through SSGI, but still wish to earn the LSS Corporate Trainer certification/designation, please contact us directly and we can assist you in purchasing the remaining courses needed to fulfill the requirements for the LSS Corporate Trainer.

Enrollment Requirements

All of our certification programs are open to students and professionals in various industries and levels of experience. Our curriculum is designed to teach what you need to know from basic fundamentals to the advanced levels. To take the courses and complete the exercises, students will only need access to a PC and/or Mac and a stable internet connection.

What is the Duration of the Program?

This depends on your learning style and the amount of time you have to dedicate. Some finish the program in a matter of weeks and others take months. On average, you should expect to spend 2-4 months to complete the entire program. However, you are given the freedom to complete all of the training at your own pace as there is no expiration.

How are the exams conducted?

Exams are all fully online and can be taken whenever you are ready to proceed.  In order to receive the certification associate to each course you must receive a passing score. Please note that course exams can be repeated as many times as you need.

Can I order a physical copy of my certificate?

Yes, you may order a physical copy of your certificates by mail. Printed certificates are printed in high quality, large size certificate paper that measures 11.0 x 14.0 inches. The fee is $25 per certificate. Please email us if interested.

Are there any additional fees or recertification costs?

None! The program cost includes everything and there are no additional fees required to earn your certification. There are also no renewal fees as all certifications have lifetime value.

Still have questions?

Email Us and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions!

Supercharge Your Career with the LSS Corporate Trainer Certification Program