Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma Certification serves as a significant advantage in todays competitive job market. A professional with accredited six sigma certification, is not only in great demand but also commands higher pay and increased leadership opportunities. As more organizations value the benefits of six sigma and its impact on enhancing performance and minimizing defects, obtaining six sigma certification can unlock career prospects across the globe.

Discover the top Six Sigma certifications and associated online training to meet your online Six Sigma certification requirements. Our comprehensive six sigma certification programs include Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Six Sigma Green Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt, and Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification.

Our accredited six sigma certifications are designed to facilitate learning at each proficiency level, from six sigma certification for beginners to courses for experts, you will be fully prepared to enhance organizational processes.

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six sigma certification overview

What is Six Sigma Certification?

Six Sigma certification is as professional designation for those who have successfully completed comprehensive training in one of the six sigma belt levels. The six sigma belts cover concepts and tools for enhancing processes, products and services through a disciplined, data-driven approach aimed at eliminating defects and inefficiencies. Acquiring a Six Sigma Certification validates your proficiency in mastering the essentials of process improvement, a skill of paramount importance to any organization.

Continuous learning and skill development are vital for staying ahead of the competition in todays job market. Professional six sigma certifications can help you stand out for promotions, higher pay and competitive job positions. Take your resume to the next level by obtaining your six sigma certification online today.

SSGI Six Sigma certification courses encompass all the necessary learning materials and provide access to the certification exam upon completing the training program. Our self-paced online six sigma training materials are developed by acclaimed professor and award winning author Dr. Barry Shore.

Top Reasons to Choose a Six Sigma Certification

What get Six Sigma certified? Six Sigma has rapidly gained attention for its bottom line impacts in business operations and the professional trajectory of those who have earned Six Sigma Certification. Here, we take a look at the primary reasons you should consider this form of training and certification.

Increased Earnings

Six Sigma certification can boost your earning potential. The knowledge and tools learned through Six Sigma training are highly valued by organizations, resulting in improved job performance and productivity. Certified Six Sigma professionals, who understand the concepts behind enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing defects, often receive recognition in the form of higher pay, increased leadership opportunities and career advancement.

Professional Progression

Six Sigma certification can help take your professional career to the next level by showcasing a dedication to excellence in process optimization and quality control. The skills and tools taught in these courses empower you to make significant contributions to organizational objectives, and through this you become an indispensable assets. Certified Six Sigma professionals serve as leaders in enhancing efficiency, resulting in increased responsibilities and career advancement within their specific fields. Employers acknowledge and value the strategic problem-solving abilities honed through Six Sigma training, positioning certified individuals for promotions and opportunities in more senior roles. The global recognition of the certification broadens horizons, fostering professional development and establishing individuals as highly desirable leaders in their respective industries.

Opportunities for Leadership

Six Sigma certification not only denotes proficiency in process improvement skills, but also creates a pathway to leadership roles. Those holding certification have the skills to strategically analyze and improve organizational processes, positioning them as valuable candidates for leadership positions. Employers highly appreciate the problem-solving skills and efficiency-oriented mindset gained through Six Sigma training, frequently entrusting certified individuals with leadership responsibilities. The data-driven approach ingrained by Six Sigma instills qualities crucial for effective leadership, including decision-making grounded in measurable outcomes and a dedication to continuous improvement. Because of this, Six Sigma certification unlocks pathways to leadership roles, enabling individuals to lead teams and contribute significantly to the overall success and growth of their organizations.

Employment Stability

Six Sigma certification significantly contributes to employment stability by positioning individuals as valuable assets equipped with specialized skills in process improvement and quality management. In a constantly evolving job market, certified professionals distinguish themselves for their approach to enhancing operational efficiency and reducing defects. Employers acknowledge the benefits of Six Sigma in consistently achieving measurable results, deeming certified individuals indispensable contributors to organizational success. The certification’s global recognition further fortifies job security, as organizations across diverse industries actively seek professionals with demonstrated expertise in Six Sigma methodologies. Holding Six Sigma certification not only enhances employability but also establishes a solid foundation for long-term career stability in roles where systematic problem-solving and continuous improvement are highly prized.

Contribute to Efficiency and Error Reduction in Your Organization

Six Sigma certification assumes a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency and minimizing errors within an organization. Those with certification possess the knowledge and tools necessary to methodically analyze processes, identify inefficiencies, and implement targeted improvements. The disciplined methodologies emphasized in Six Sigma training prioritize data-driven decision-making, enabling individuals to identify and address the root causes of errors. Through the application of Six Sigma principles, organizations can optimize their operations, reduce defects, and elevate overall efficiency. The proactive problem-solving mindset instilled by Six Sigma not only leads to immediate error reduction but also establishes a culture of ongoing improvement, ensuring sustained efficiency enhancements over time. Consequently, individuals with Six Sigma certification play a key role in cultivating a culture of excellence and operational effectiveness within their organizations.

Six Sigma Certification Accredited

Accredited Six Sigma Certification

When it comes to accreditation, there is no “official six sigma accreditation.” However there are various organizations that accredited six sigma providers and here at SSGI our organization holds accreditation from the likes of Project Management Institute (ATP), Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). These accreditations speaks volumes on our commitment to quality education and delivering valuable programs. SSGI is a trusted industry leader in process improvement education.

Recognized as a Global Leader

From leading brands, government and academia, SSGI is one of the worlds most recognized six sigma certification and training providers. With partners such as the Baldrige Foundation and industry accretions with Project Management Institute (ATP), Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Continue Professional Development (CPD) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB), SSGI is a leader in the space of process improvement education. Having certified over 100,000 professionals, in over 90 countries, SSGI certifications are globally recognized and industry trusted.

We work with Fortune 500 Companies

SSGI certifications have garnered recognition from major and highly esteemed organizations, with notable names such as Google, NASA, Humana, Air Canada, Walmart, Disney, Nasdaq, Tesla, Oracle, Amazon, and many more being part of our distinguished list.

Learn from a Distinguished Professor

Unlike other training providers lacking a recognizable name for their programs or brand, SSGI stands out. You can be rest assured that your learning experience comes from an industry-renowned expert with a reputable background as a consultant, corporate trainer, and professor at a leading business school. Dr. Barry Shore, with over 40 years of experience and accolades like the McGraw Hill award for Operations Management, is not only an acclaimed expert, but also the driving force behind SSGI’s six sigma certification courses.

Affordable Six Sigma Certification Courses

At SSGI we practice what we preach and because we follow lean principles we are able to pass our savings along to our customers. Unlike universities and other private providers who have higher over head and use third-part training resources (majority of industry providers), here at SSGI we have developed all of our training internally and are able to offer an affordable, yet reputable online training option for those looking to excel in lean six sigma.

Certifications that have NO EXPIRATION

Have no fear, at SSGI we do not up-charge or require additional payments to cover certification renewal or additional exam retakes. Once you receive a six sigma certification from SSGI, that certification has lifetime value. There is no industry standard that states you must renew a six sigma certification, unlike other providers that nickel and dime you to receive recurring revenue, we do not.

Six Sigma Certification Levels

Becoming Six Sigma certified involves mastering the principles, tools, and techniques embedded in the Six Sigma methodology. Certifications are typically categorized into different “belts,” indicating different levels of expertise. The primary certifications include:

  • Yellow Belt: Familiarity with fundamental tools and process improvement methodologies.
  • Green Belt: Proficiency in statistical analysis and leading improvement projects.
  • Black Belt: Mastery of advanced statistical tools and the ability to lead complex projects.
  • Master Black Belt: Highest level, involving leadership, mentoring, and strategic planning.

Yellow Belt Training & Certification Program

The Yellow Belt course is an entry-level certification for six sigma. A certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt has a professional working knowledge of the fundamentals associated to process improvement. It’s a perfect program for beginners or if you are new to six sigma and interested in obtaining a certification that demonstrates your knowledge in process improvement to potential employers. Understaning the basics of DMAIC, you will be prepared to define, measure, analyze, improve and control processes within an organization. You will also be qualified to work under Green Belts and Black Belts on project teams.

Get Yellow Belt Certified

Green Belt Training & Certification Program

The Six Sigma Green Belt course prepares you to work within and lead small to medium sized process improvement projects within an organization. This in-depth six sigma program covers the full spectrum of process improvement tools and concepts, from applying statistical methods to helping you become a better problem-solver through data driven decisions. Certified Green Belts play an integral role in improving processes, cutting costs, and increasing overall operational efficiency, contributing significantly to organizations’ achievement of their quality objectives. The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (LSSGB) role  is among the most popular in six sigma certification. 

Get Green Belt Certified

Green Belt Six Sigma Certification

Industry Specific: Healthcare Six Sigma Green Belt

Black Belt Training & Certification Program

The Six Sigma Black Belt course is an advanced-level six sigma certification for those with previous knowledge and or work related experience. This course will prepare you to lead process improvement projects and manage Yellow Belt and Green Belt certified professionals. With an increased focus on statistical methods and management concepts, the Black Belt program is perfect for those looking to become six sigma subject matter experts. The program includes a simulated project component that allows you to apply the skills you learn from within the course to a real-life work related project.

Get Black Belt Certified

Black Belt Six Sigma Certification

Master Black Belt Training & Certification Program

The Master Black Belt course is the highest level of recognition within six sigma certification. This program is specific for seasoned professionals and subject mater experts looking to lead organization wide improvement initiatives. In addition, you can expect to responsible for mentoring yellow, green and black belts while painting a sustained cutter of process excellence throughout your organization.  In order to be eligible, you must be a certified Black Belt. There is also a mandatory project component that must be completed prior to receiving certification.

Get Master Black Belt Certified

Master Black Belt Six Sigma Certification

Top Six Sigma Certification Programs

Take your career to the next level with an SSGI Six Sigma Career Track (bundle of certification courses that results in a professional designation).

Lean Six Sigma


LSSP-I Designation includes: Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Lean Practitioner.

Lean Six Sigma


LSSP-II Designation includes: Green Belt, Black Belt and Process Improvement Specialist.

Lean Six Sigma
Healthcare Professional


LSSHP Designation includes: Healthcare Yellow Belt, Healthcare Green Belt and Lean Healthcare Practitioner.

Lean Six Sigma

LSS Consultant

LSS Consultant Designation includes: Business Consultant and Black Belt.

Lean Six Sigma
Corporate Trainer

LSS Corporate Trainer Certified

LSS Corporate Trainer Designation includes: Corporate Trainer and Green Belt.

SSGI Career Tracks Certification Benefits

Salary Increase with Six Sigma Certification

Invest in Your Future with Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma certification job opportunities

Professionals with Six Sigma Certification are sought after and held in high regard. Six Sigma Certification can serve as a gateway to diverse career prospects and  job opportunities. Not only that, it can lead to higher pay. Those who hold certification demonstrate to employers their ability to add substantial value in the form of cost savings, efficiency enhancment, defects reduction and overall problem solving skills. It is not uncommon for hiring managers to skip over those who do not have adequate knowledge or certification in this area of expertise.

SSGI certification has garnered attention from leading and prestigious entities, with notable organizations such as Tesla, Amazon, Humana, NASA, Walmart, Nasdaq, and more recognizing the value of our certification programs.

Average Six Sigma Salaries

Important Note: Similar to any educational accomplishment, the potential career benefits of obtaining Six Sigma Certification hinge significantly on various factors. Elements such as location, prior experience, industry type, and others will all exert considerable influence on your career prospects.

Master Black Belt Certification (Price: $699)

Average Salary: $205k

Black Belt Certification (Price: $399)

Average Salary: $125k

Green Black Belt Certification (Price: $257)

Average Salary: $95k

Yellow Black Belt Certification (Price: $125)

Average Salary: $65k

Job Opportunities with Six Sigma Certification

Holding a Six Sigma certification opens up a wide array of job opportunities across diverse industries. The certification is highly valued for its focus on process improvement, efficiency, and quality management. Here are some job opportunities associated with Six Sigma certification:

Project Manager

As a Six Sigma Project Manager, you would lead and oversee projects focused on process improvement and optimization within an organization.

Process Improvement Specialist

Process Improvement Specialists analyze existing processes, identify inefficiencies, and implement changes to enhance overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Quality Assurance Manager

Quality Assurance Managers ensure that products or services meet predefined quality standards by implementing Six Sigma principles to reduce defects and improve quality.

Operations Manager

Operations Managers use Six Sigma methodologies to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance productivity in various business sectors.


Data analysts use statistical analysis and data-driven insights to support decision-making processes and contribute to continuous improvement initiatives.

Supply Chain Manager

Six Sigma principles are applied in supply chain management roles to optimize logistics, reduce waste, and improve overall efficiency in the supply chain.


Professionals in this role focus on eliminating waste and improving efficiency in manufacturing processes, often utilizing Lean Six Sigma principles.


As a consultant, you can work with different organizations to implement Six Sigma methodologies, providing expertise in process improvement and optimization.

Continuous Improvement Director

In this leadership role, individuals oversee and drive continuous improvement initiatives across various departments within an organization.

Customer Experience Manager

Customer Experience Managers use Six Sigma methodologies to enhance customer satisfaction by improving processes and addressing pain points in the customer journey.

Financial Analyst with Process Improvement Focus

Financial analysts can apply Six Sigma principles to identify and implement improvements in financial processes, reducing errors and enhancing accuracy.

Healthcare Quality Improvement Specialist

In the healthcare sector, professionals use Six Sigma principles to enhance patient care, improve processes, and reduce errors.

These are just a few examples, and the applicability of Six Sigma extends across industries, making certification a valuable asset in a variety of job roles that prioritize efficiency, quality, and process excellence.


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Top Compaines Hiring Six Sigma Certified Professionals

Six Sigma Certification FAQs

Difference between lean and six sigma?

Six Sigma concentrates on statistical analysis to enhance quality; Lean focuses on eliminating waste to enhance efficiency. When combined Lean Six Sigma results in a comprehensive approach to process improvement that is valued across all sectors, industries and job roles. A Lean Six Sigma program has the same coverage as a general “Six Sigma” program, the only difference is the additional topics that cover Lean methodologies and integrate the two concepts. In today’s competitive business environment, quality and efficiency are king, and that is why Lean Six Sigma is a highly valued certificaiton.

Do I need to take the six sigma certification belts in order?

A common question we often get is, “Do I need to take the belts in order?” You do not, the belts are designed specifically to ones background, education and pre-exisitng level of knowledge. With that said, some professionals have many years of experience and education, however have never attained formula certification or training. So it is possible to go directly to a Green Belt or Black Belt for some. The belts do cover all preceding materials so you will not miss out on any important information. The Master Black Belt does require you to have a Black Belt certification prior to enrolling into the program.

Can six sigma certification be taken fully online?

Yes, the SSGI six sigma programs are fully online and self-paced.

Are projects required or offered with the six sigma programs?

At SSGI we believe application is critical and this is why we offer a simulated optional project with all Green Belt and Black Belt programs. These projects are not mandatory,, however you will have full access upon enrollment. At the Master Black Belt level the project component is mandatory.

Do I need to schedule to enroll into a six sigma certification course or exam?

All of our programs are self-paced and fully online. Because of the on-demand nature you can enroll and go through the program on your own time and at your own pace. There is no scheduling needed. Examination is also completed remotely via a third-party platform that you can access at any point in time without having to schedule.

Benefits of six sigma certification

  • Enhanced Skills: Acquire a skill set focused on problem-solving, process optimization, and data-driven decision-making.
  • Career Advancement: Stand out in a competitive job market and access leadership roles.
  • Global Recognition: Gain an internationally recognized credential, opening doors to opportunities worldwide.
  • Operational Excellence: Contribute to organizational efficiency and effectiveness by reducing defects and waste.

How to get six sigma certified?

To embark on your Six Sigma journey, you’ll need to undergo training through accredited providers. Courses cover essential concepts, case studies, and real-world applications, preparing you for certification exams. The certification process typically involves passing an exam and, for higher-level certifications, completing a project demonstrating practical application.

Six Sigma certification is more than a credential; it’s a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. Whether you’re a professional looking to advance your career or an organization aiming for operational excellence, Six Sigma certification provides the roadmap to unlock the full potential of processes and people. Join the ranks of certified Six Sigma professionals and be a catalyst for positive change in your industry.