The SSGI Competitive Pricing Advantage Explained


Founder | Prof. Barry Shore | University of New Hampshire

“Many organizations and academic institutions charge so much for training and certification and it is my belief that quality training should be available at an affordable price.”


One question that is often asked is why our programs are so affordable? Indeed, many very reputable organizations and academic institutions charge over $1,000 for Six Sigma training and certification.

Well, the answer to this is quite simple.

On average, around 90% of the other providers either use third party training or hire outside consultants to create and deliver their programs. Because of this, they are paying fees and royalties for each and every sale.

At SSGI, this is not the case.

Our founder, Prof. Barry Shore, from the University of New Hampshire, has put together all of our offerings in-house, so we have complete ownership. This eliminates the necessity to pay fees and/or royalties to any outside parties.

In addition, SSGI is primarily online based which helps to keep our overhead low. Because of these factors we are capable of offering quality programs (see our testimonials) at a competitive price.

With all of this said, our training and certification is recognized and used across the world. SSGI is trusted as the #1 Six Sigma Training and Certification provider for many Fortune 500 organizations (corporate partnerships). But, in addition, our training is included as part of the core curriculum at some of the leading universities (academic partnerships) in North America.


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