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Lean Six Sigma For Organizations


Let’s Make Six Sigma Simple. And Process Improvement Easy!


Are you struggling to bring your team up to speed on Lean Six Sigma process improvement techniques? We help teams learn and apply Lean Six Sigma in a real-world practical approach that makes learning Six Sigma simple and rewarding.


Our team has over 45 years of experience helping global organizations improve process efficiency, customer satisfaction and overall business performance.

Partner with us to maximize the impact of your Lean Six Sigma training initiative. From affordable group pricing, to simple user registration, to full support, we’re here to help you throughout the process.


Zach Shore | Director | Six Sigma Global Institute

Six Sigma Industries

How Lean Six Sigma Benefits Your Organization

At SSGI we have developed our training to directly affect your organization’s bottom line. Start today and help your company lower costs, improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.




Use Six Sigma techniques to create shorter cycle times for projects and stick to schedules without extending beyond deadlines.




Implementing Six Sigma problem solving tools and techniques will increase employee productivity as well as employee motivation that ultimately results in lower turnover.




Help your organization become more efficient by identifying wastes, eliminate them and improving efficiency with time and costs.

Save time and money

We give your employees a simple, yet practical approach to becoming better problem solvers through self-paced online Six Sigma Training and Certification. Let your team study on their own time through the convenience of online training.

Promote and Hire From Within

Save money by retaining employees and promoting from within. It’s statistically proven that the more career advancement opportunities that you give to your employees, the more likely they will be satisfied with their job.

Discounted Group Pricing

Interested in enrolling a group? Save money with our group pricing.

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