Main Reasons to Become Six Sigma Certified

Main Reasons to Become Six Sigma Certified

You can go up the Six Sigma steps of certifications by showing high-level proficiency in your profession achieved by having as minimal errors as possible. You can further accelerate your success by having a thorough understanding of the six sigma basics, which serves as a tool you can use in the process of business quality improvement.

 As you work your way up, you improve quality through searching out for defects and proving their causes aimed at improving processes and increasing accuracy.

Four levels of Six Sigma Belts

According to online assignment help in management, there are four levels you go through as you climb the Six Sigma ladder to reach the top. Each level has its set rules, which you must attain to be declared certified.

  • The entry-level is the yellow belt set for business leadership in the provision of resourceful support in implementation strategies.
  • The green belt requires you to handle six projects related to your work.
  • The black belt requires you to play some leadership roles in six projects and show professionalism in making decisions on statistical issues.
  • The master black belt requires you to display expertise in culture changing as well as training and mentoring someone in the lower level belts. 

Several benefits accompany the Six Sigma Certificate, which benefits the holder in several ways and those served by the certificate holder.

You enter the managerial sphere easily

By going through the six levels of Six Sigma training, you gain the necessary skills applicable at the management level in the business world. It also gives you a clear understanding of what is required in measuring benefits in fiancé and its quantification in a Six Sigma business set-up.

A freelance business process writer for dissertation writing services mentions that this kind of training places you at a higher level in the labor market because Six Sigma certified individuals get hired quickly. According to a job demand survey, they also receive good salaries that could go as high as $100,000, which showed Sigma certified professionals as the most in-demand and highest earners.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Competitions resulting from the current market trends can push you out of business if you are not competitive in service provision to your customers. One of the benefits of Six Sigma training is that you get quality training for quality service delivery. 

The HR management experts at essay writers UK say that once you get released into the high-demanding service market, you will likely be noticed by customers who will hire you based on your knowledge of how processes interlock and the way procedures follow each other.

You are likely to get returning clients because of the level of satisfaction they gained the last time you served them. Quality orientation will give you an edge in the market.

Your managerial and leadership qualities are boosted

Your advantage of going up the Six Sigma ladder is that the higher you climb, the better leader you become and the better manager of resources you become. Each level of certification will better your understanding of the benefits that businesses receive when the quantifying and measuring processes are done right.

You also become an efficient business leader and can cut on costs of doing business aimed at revenue increment leading to a conducive business environment. You will eventually become a change agent once you attain level four, called the Master Black Belt.

The SMB managers are keen on lowering financial risks and assessing the needed skills for business management aimed at increasing productivity and maximizing profitability. Six Sigma certified experts are likely to get hired by these enterprises for consultant based services.

High-level payments

Experts at a leading MBA essay writing service highlight that professional services attract better payments as compared to non-professional services. As a Six Sigma certified professional, you get the advantage of negotiating your terms instead of waiting to be told your earning figure.

Surveys on the high professional earners place Six Sigma certified professionals in the forefront of those who earn six-figure compensation on services delivered or in terms of salaries.

This high earning is made possible by the client recognition of the value of Six Sigma certification in terms of quality delivery and, level of decision making on issues and processes, and professional style of duty execution. You will also notice that the more training you receive, the more money you get paid to offer your services.

You can use your skills across all sectors

Six Sigma certification is not limited to one business sector, but the training is offered in a way that you can apply the knowledge you gain in any business sector, as long as you can determine the best processes and decisions that such a business needs.

You may choose to offer your skills in the lucrative construction industry, or the gold and diamond exchange centers, the stock markets, banking sector, manufacturing, and other service-oriented business sectors. Overall, the scope is vast. The Six Sigma certification’s broad usage advantage allows you to never miss an opportunity once it presents itself.

You become a consultant

With the six sigma certificate, you may not need to seek for a company to employ you. With a certification, you are already qualified for the self-employment market where you can offer consultancy services and share your knowledge with many individuals. This will give you unlimited access to the market.

Another way you can offer constancy services is by becoming a consultant. By taking this step, you create employment opportunities for many good young people whom you can improve by offering them training on the things you learned during the certification. Technology today allows you as Six Sigma alumni to offer your services from your house if you cannot rent office space or simply wish to be your own boss.

You gain experience while in the field

Six Sigma certification will send you into the field to execute what you have learned because they are confident with you after taking you through vigorous training full of practices. You cannot go to the next belt if you have not met all the training requirements of your current level.

The moment you get released into the market, you will not worry because you already know the market demands and all that you do is gain more experience while working. A good experience will place at the top in terms of your marketability and quality service delivery.


Receiving Six Sigma certification is a worthy investment because it elevates you within the completive market trends and places you at a level where you become visible. Apart from the certificate you gain, there is also a high level of sense of responsibility that you gain. This drives you into not just working for money but also working for the growth of
businesses, enterprises, and the society at large, which is a major pillar of economic growth.