Why Choose Six Sigma Global Institute?


SSGI is Globally Recognized

Six Sigma Global Institute, SSGI is trusted by leading organizations around the world as a go-to source for Lean Six Sigma certification and training. As a Globally Accredited Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) through Project Management Institute (PMI), you can be sure that you are receiving the highest level of training and recognized certification on the market. SSGI courses have been pre-approved for PMI PDUs.

Six Sigma Global Institute PMI R.E.P Information

Six Sigma Global Institute

SSGI is Respected by Industry

We do more than cover the basic skills. We show you how to apply the material. And the reason why we do this is simple: our promise to you is not complete until you to use the material. And when you use the material your company gains immediate benefit from our course. Indeed, from Disney to Tesla and Walmart we have trained professionals who have helped their organizations improve processes and create better customer value. That is precisely how we have earned their respect.

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Learn from the Best at SSGI

Be confident that you are receiving training from a globally renowned instructor. Unlike many of our competitors, where there is no name behind the training, here at Six Sigma Global Institute (SSGI) you can be sure that you are learning from an experienced expert as our course instructor, Dr. Barry Shore has been a professor at the University of New Hampshire for over 30 years and has consulted around the world with leading organizations such as Samsung and Hyundai.

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Self-Paced, Flexible and Lifetime Access

One of the consistent comments we hear is that SSGI courses are broken down into very digestible modules that really facilitate self-paced learning. Do a little or do a lot and then pick up from where you left off. This is a critical advantage because we all lead busy lives and we need to have access at convenient times to cover just the right amount of material at just the right time. With SSGI you are in charge of the learning process!

Industry-Trusted Certification

Six Sigma Global Institute has certified tens of thousands of professionals in over 90 countries around the world. When you pass our certification exams, you will receive a professional certificate that can be attached to LinkedIn, verified by employers and printed on-demand. It confirms that you have taken the course and have passed the certification exam. In addition, we maintain a record of your performance in our database so that employers can email or call at any time and verify that you have successfully achieved certification.

Green Belt Certification

5-Star SSGI Reviews

We let our participants speak for the value received from our courses. And it is important that you read at least a sampling of their reviews before you enroll in the program. You will find that from one participant to the next they consistently praise SSGI’s course materials and rate us as one of the best online programs they have taken. They praise the quality of the content, the focus on applications, the video introductions, the study manual, flash cards and templates.

Six Sigma Global Institute Reviews

Affordable, No Additional Fees

Our prices are very affordable, and the reason is very simple. We have created all our own content and pay no licensing fees to third parties, but more importantly we keep our overhead low. Nevertheless, customer service is number one with us and if you call we will do our best to clear the desk and talk with you. To have access to material that not only exposes you to the Body of Knowledge but also helps you to put these new skills to practice for such an affordable price is not common.

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Money Back Guarantee

There is always the risk that this is not the right course for you. So, after you buy and have reviewed some of the material you have 24 hours to cancel your purchase. Just call or send and email and there will be no questions asked. But this seldom happens simply because we offer the greatest value and best learning opportunities in the business. We are confident that, in the spirit of Lean Six Sigma, we offer exceptional customer value!

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Templates for Implementing what you Learn

What truly makes our learning packages different from others are templates that can be found at the end of most units. These templates are basically an opportunity to systematically and logically record how you will employ the methodologies and skills covered in our courses. And since they incorporate the methods and skills presented in the course, these templates assure a very professional approach to the management of these projects. But here is the most important part, they help you put into action everything you have learned.

Case Studies and Applications

Every example used in our courses represents a realistic application of the methodologies, skills and tools in the Body of Knowledge. We cover examples in supply chain management, process design for products and services, customer service, and new product development. In addition, you will find case studies that address these challenges in many industries from manufacturing to health care and Insurance. They prepare you for doing real work!