What is Lean Six Sigma?

All SSGI Lean Six Sigma Certification programs cover the same material as a standard Six Sigma program. The only difference is that it additionally covers Lean topics.

A question that we often get asked is, what is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a discipline that is used to help the organization deliver Customer Value through efficient operations and quality standards.


what is lean six sigma?








To better understand, we must break up Lean and Six Sigma.

  • Lean focuses on efficiency through the minimization of waste errors and delays.
  • Six Sigma, on the other hand, focuses on quality and consistency.

What do we mean by consistency?

The ability to deliver the same level of quality from one output unit to the next. So, if you are a restaurant, consistency in this context means the ability to deliver meals that achieve the same level of quality from one customer to the next.

How do we achieve efficiency and consistency?

We use tools such as SIPOC, X-Y Matrix, Multi-Vari Charts, Fishbone Diagrams and Value Stream Maps. They help to identify the major obstacles in achieving efficiency and consistency and guide us through the
process of improving operations.

Is Lean Six Sigma applicable to a narrow or wide range of applications and

Almost every industry and almost every operational process can benefit
from this discipline.

It applies to:

  • Health Care
  • Insurance
  • Assembly
  • Manufacturing
  • Service Industry
  • Finance

It can be used from Product Development to Supply Chain Management. Its focus is on the core issues of efficiency and quality. This is why it has been recognized as one of the most useful tools in addressing the competitive advantage of organizations.

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