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SSGI for business

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Process Improvement isn’t simple, and we don’t all start jobs with the same level of experience.

With SSGI, we guarantee your employees will fill any preexisting skill gaps and learn the most in-demand skills.


Of organizations are experiencing a gap in process improvement skills


Of professionals prefer to work at a company with online training available


The per-learner annual cost of SSGI training compared to classroom learning

Save time and money

Give your employees a simple, yet practical approach to becoming better problem solvers through self-paced online Six Sigma training and certification. Let your team study on their own time through the convenience of online training.

Promote and Hire From Within

Save money by retaining employees and promoting from within. It’s statistically proven that the more career advancement opportunities that you give to your employees, the more likely they will be satisfied with their job.

Discounted Group Pricing

Interested in enrolling a group? We offer seamless account setup to get your employees up and running right away. Save money with our group pricing rates.  Get a quote or learn more about group pricing. Contact Us.

ssgi reviews

SSGI Reviews

ssgi review
SSGI Review Six Sigma Global Institute
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All of our training programs at SSGI have been developed by Prof. Barry Shore PhD.


Dr. Shore has been an industry acclaimed educator and consultant in the areas of Lean Six Sigma and Project Management for many years. He has taught at academic institutions such as the University of New Hampshire, Henley Business School (London), Renmin University (China) and University of Naples Federico II (Italy). In addition, he has also consulted with leading organizations such as Samsung, Hyundai and WeWork.


ssgi six sigma corporate training

SSGI Lean Six Sigma Training for businesess


Complete training in a time frame that’s convenient for your team members and organization.


Give your team members access to their own learning account where they can log in 24/7 via a computer or mobile device. Programs are 100% online and self-paced. SSGI training can easily be scaled for organizations looking to train 1,000+ employees.


Get set up in a matter of minutes with our streamlined group enrollment process.


Progress reporting available! Track and measure employee progress through reporting that allows you to evaluate your employees’ engagement and training results. Reports are generated upon request.


Give your employees skills that can be applied on the job right away.


Get access to real-world case studies that explain how specific skills can be implemented in the workforce. Also get access to downloadable excel templates that allow you to apply what you learned to your own organization, and start improving processes today!


Don’t just learn skills, learn how to apply them to your day-to-day job.


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Level-Up your team today

SSGI programs have been designed for professionals at every level of the organization, from new hires with limited experience to management level personnel.


Everyone can benefit from an overview of critical areas that the organization must address to maintain its competitive position in an industry. SSGI programs are also beneficial to professionals who need to keep up to date with the latest management tools for improving processes while containing costs.


SSGI Reviews

Learning Pathways

Reinforced training is critical for employee success. Through SSGI’s predesigned learning paths, or through a custom learning pathway that you create for your own organization, you can set your team up for prolonged success.

Lean Six Sigma Professional

Lean Six Sigma Professional LSSP-I Career Track

Includes: Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Process Improvement Specialist.

Lean Six Sigma Expert

Lean Six Sigma Expert LSSP-II Career Track

Includes: Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Agile Leader.

Lean Six Sigma Healthcare

Lean Six Sigma Healthcare Professional LSSHP Career Track

Includes: Healthcare Yellow Belt, Healthcare Green Belt, Lean Healthcare and Project Management Healthcare.

Agile Expert

Agile Expert AgileXP Career Track

Includes: Agile Professional, Scrum Master, Project Management and Lean Practitioner.

Create a Custom Learning Pathway Tailored to Your Organization

Pick and choose from over 25 Certification courses and create a custom learning pathway for your team members by bundling multiple courses and certifications that allows for reinforced training and follow through. SSGI will then package these together to give your team a tailored learning pathway.


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Level-Up your Team Today – Contact Us

At SSGI we have developed our training to directly impact your bottom line. Start today by equipping your team with the necessary skills to lower costs, improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.


Corporate Onboarding for General Staff & Managers

A solution for getting your entire team up to speed on critical in-demand skills and creating a common sense of knowledge across the organization through micro sized courses.

Bulk Discounts Available for Teams

Onboarding for General Staff

The SSGI Onboarding for General Staff is a series of Micro Courses that can be completed in a short period of time. Micro courses included: Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification/Process Efficiency, Agile Basics, Cyber Security Basics and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Basics.


$199 Per Learner

Onboarding for Managers

The SSGI Onboarding for Managers is a series of  courses that can be completed in a short period of time. Micro courses included: Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification/Process Efficiency, Agile Basics, Cyber Security Basics, Leadership Basics and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Basics.


$199 Per Learner