Project Management Certification

Project Management Certification

Add Project Management Certification to your credentials and significantly expand your professional opportunities. Become eligible to lead project teams and rise up the management ladder.

Training & Certification

Includes online training material and SSGI certification exam

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Project Management Certification Overview


$157 includes online training, testing fee and certification.

35 CEUs

There is no prior work experience or prerequisites necessary.

Certification exam is available online at no additional cost. Take the exam whenever you are ready and free re-takes are allowed.

Study at your own pace. There is no time constraint.

Training and case studies emphasize the practical application of the concepts, skills and methodologies of project management.

The vocabulary used in this program complies with the Project Management Institute’s Body Of Knowledge, called PMBOK.

This program also serves as a stepping stone for those interested in PMP Certification.

This Program is Most Suited for:

  • Professionals looking to obtain a practical and respected level of accreditation.
  • Directors, quality managers, function-level managers, and supervisors who are interested in project management leadership opportunities.
  • Those interested in broadening their skills to qualify for emerging positions in the 21st century.
  • Those interested in strengthening their resume with profession-level certification that will provide them with a competitive advantage.



How Can Project Management Certification Help My Career?

More than ever, organizations face intense competition both home and abroad. But competition does not rest, new products, processes and services are unveiled every day. And each of these products, processes and services represent the outcome of projects. So projects deliver the competitive strategy of the firm. By learning the skills, methodologies and terminology of project management you will be better positioned to assume a leadership position in your organization and directly contribute to the competitive position of the firm.

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When you pass the SSGI Project Management Certification exam you will receive a certificate which hosts your Unique ID License Number. Employers can use this to verify your certification online.



Instructor & Course Developer

Prof. Barry Shore has taught MBA programs specializing in Project Management for over 40 years. He has consulted with companies such as Arthur D. Little, Hyundai, General Electric and Doosan.

In this course Prof. Shore takes a real world practical approach to project management. He covers essential project management concepts, while showing how they’re applied through short cases studies.


Course Topics Overview

  • How to Select the Right Projects
  • Projects, Project Managers and Stakeholders
  • Project Life Cycle
  • Process Groups
  • Project Knowledge Areas
  • Project Initiation
  • Project Charter
  • Scheduling
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Risk Breakdown Structure
  • Risk Management
  • Controlling Project Progress
  • Project Governance
  • Tradition, Agile and Extreme

Certification Exam Details

  • 100 questions
  • 75% passing score
  • Online – 2 hour time limit
  • Unlimited attempts
  • Take the exam at your own convenience – no time restriction

Project Management Certification and Training

Includes Online Training & Certification Exam

Absolutely no additional fees!



24-Hour Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
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